El Mambi
This traditional Cuban criolla that I arranged was premiered at the Second International Choral Festival of Havana, Cuba, 2001. It is arranged in a typical Cuban style and intended for voices, piano, simple percussion, and solo flute (or recorder) interlude. Also included is the translation and cultural context. SA; SAB; or SATB editions.

El Mambí - Old Cuban Criolla - Spanish Cover

Uno Dos y Tres
An arrangement of a Cuban conga for two part choir and percussion room with space to dance and add a unique stamp on your performance. Cultural context and dance steps described in the octavo.

Uno, Dos Y Tres - A Lively Cuban Conga Cover

Ogguere is a baby’s name and the title of this Afro-Cuban cradle song. The cultural context and translation are included in the octavo. Unison; in Spanish with piano; simple percussion, flute, and optional Orff instrument arrangement. Hear an excerpt of Ogguere

Ogguere - An Afro-Cuban Cradle Song