Recent Presentations and Upcoming

NAFME Biennial Conference, Atlanta (March 2016): An Experiment in High Stakes Testing in Music.

American Orff Schulwerk National Conference, San Diego (Nov. 2016): Engaging Undergraduates in Research; Cultural Diversity in Music EducatioScreen shot 2014-04-13 at 6.02.13 PMn; Preparing Next Generation Music Teachers.

SMTE National Conference, Greensboro (Sept. 2015): Keynote presentation, Toward More Socially Just Music Communities.

Tennessee Arts Academy, Nashville (July 2015): Creative Music Making and Learning.

University of Oregon, Eugene (April 2015): Visiting Scholar Residency.

International Symposium for Research in Music Behavior (March 2015): What’s So General About General Music?

Brazilian Association for Music Education Conference (Oct. 2014): Arts Education Policy in the UnitIMG_1311ed States.

International Childhood Music Education and Creative Music Workshop, China (September 2014): Creative Approaches to Teaching Music in Childhood.



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