Selected Publications

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Recent BookTGM OUP

Abril, C. R. & Gault, B. M. (eds.) (2016). Teaching general music: Approaches, issues, and viewpoints. New York: Oxford University Press.

Recent Articles

Kerchner, J. & Abril, C. R. (2018). Music teacher education: Crossing generational borders. In G. McPherson & G. Welch (Eds.), Special needs, community music, and adult learning (pp. 257-274). New York: Oxford University Press.

Abril, C. R. & Abril, J. Z. (2017). Educación musical escolar en las Américas: Condiciones, prácticas, y políticas desde una perspectiva socio-ecológica. Revista Complutense Investigación en Educación Musical, 14, 29-45.

Abril, C. R. & Bannerman, J. (2015). Perceived factors impacting school music programs: The teacher’s perspective. Journal of Research in Music Education, 62(4), 344-361.

Recent Book Chapters

Kelly-McHale, J. & Abril, C. R. (2015). The space between worlds: Music educatSocial justice bookion and Latino students. In C. Benedict, P. Schmidt, G. Spruce, & P. Woodford (Eds.), The Oxford handbook of social justice in music education. New York: Oxford University Press.

Abril, C. R. (2014). Invoking an innovative spirit in music teacher education. In M. Kashub & J. Smith (Eds.), Promising practices in 21st century music teacher education (pp. 175-188). New York: Oxford University Press.

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